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Government: Internal independent government but forms part of the twin island Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

  • Capital: Charlestown
  • Language: English
  • Country Motto: Country Above Self
  • Population: 11,245
  • Work Force: 5,500
  • Literacy Rate: 98%
  • Location: 17° North Latitude or 62° West Longitude (North East)
  • Size (area): 36 sq. miles or 93 sq. kilometers
  • Temperature Rate: 77° - 85° F
  • Average Rainfall: 1185.9 mm over the past 11 years
  • Time Zone: EST +1/0 GMT -4/-5 hours
  • Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar (commonly known as EC$). Pegged to the US$ at 2.70
  • Electricity: 110 and 220v
  • Immigration: Customs and immigration formalities at the airport take a few minutes
  • International Gateways: San Juan - 55 minutes, Antigua - 20 minutes Atlanta, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, London - through St. Kitts.
  • Major Industries: Tourism, construction, financial services, agriculture Legal System: The legal system is based upon English Common Law which is partly codified and partly based on case law. There is a Court of Appeal and High Court of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, with all the final appeals to her Majesty’s Privy Council in London England.

Local Transportation

Ferry service 15 - 45 minutes. Ferries leave Charlestown, Basseterre, Cades Bay or Majors Bay periodically between:

  • 7 am to 7 pm - Monday to Thursday
  • 7 am to 9 pm - Fridays & Saturdays
  • 8 am to 7 pm - Sundays


Drive on the left, license required. You are required to purchase a local driver's license which is valid for 3 months at a cost of $25.